The Three Wise Men Nativity Set
Add my one of a kind, handmade miniature Wise Men characters to your Nativity collectibles! Each of the characters are dressed in their own costumes of rich fabrics including velvet, eye catching floral brocades, and colorful silks. Lots of touches are added also, such as plentiful, colorful jewels and trims, and each has their own unique headdress. All details of their face are painted personally by hand, and hair is real fiber. They each have their own special gift to give as a final touch!

These special characters are a tiny and collectible 4 1/2 inches tall (11.4 cm), a truly a one of a kind art collection.

Created from a unique design of clay, wire, paint, and wood.

Debbie Ritter- artist @

The Three Wise Men Miniature Collectible Doll Set