In 1885, Almanzo Wilder and Laura Ingalls were married in De Smet . They settled on Almanzo's claim and began their own little farming operations. In their later years, they moved to Missouri and had a farm where they lived out their remaining days for many years and Laura became an author. This unique art doll miniature set is iin honor of their golden years on the farm they named Rocky Ridge Farm.

This sweet little set is carefully created out of wood, wire, clay, and paint and they stand approximately 4 1/2 inches tall, (11.4 cm). Laura wears a pink foral dress accented with white ruffled collar and pink satin sash, Almanzo is dressed in black trousers with white shirt with overlapping sleeves. Their faces are painted by hand and they have real fiber hair.
A must have set for the fan of the Little House Series!


Debbie Ritter- artist @

Laura and Almanzo Wilder Doll Set Collectible Figures